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A poor power supply could prevent your winch from working and could also cause damage to the winch motor. I've now had my own 11Xp for close to 6 months now and personally given it a workout. 2: Runva: Lifetime Mechanical Warranty - This covers all Mechanical Components on the winch. Where is the solenoid and winch motor earthed back to? It used to be close to biggest accessory investment people made on their rigs. What does IP67 rated mean? They have said the price is very cheap compared to other similar winches. Check that all the connections under the control box cover is clean and tight. Check that your battery is larger than 650CCA (this is the minimum size that can be used with any 4X4 Electric Winch). Carbon Winches Drivetech 4x4 Gigglepin Winches Hidden Winch Mount High Mount Parts Hulk 4x4 Kinetic Rope Kingone Winches Rhino 4x4 Runva Winches 4x4 Electric Series; 4x4 Hydraulic Series; Accessories and Spare Parts; Compact Series; Industrial Series; Saber Offroad Soft Shackles VRS Winches Warn Winch Blanket Winch Fairlead Winch Rope Drivetech 4x4 Dee Zee, Des Moines, Iowa: running boards. This is a great safety feature, to say the least. This was late on a Friday afternoon. NHK Spring, Shiga-ken, Japan: suspension stabilizer linkages. Not impressed, this is a load-bearing item! The EWV12000 comes in a nice compact profile as is physically smaller than its counterparts. 0000000977 00000 n I see lots of brands like champion sold at places Like Canadian Tire here in Canada. Due to the rugged build quality, you can use it in any weather condition and it can withstand the abuse of the wild without any hitch. The winch is running slower than normal 11XP Premium Winch 12V with Synthetic Rope. Check that the main earth cable from the winch motor going back to the battery negative terminal.A bad earth could prevent your winch from working and could also cause damage to the winch motor. Mate yours looks new and unused. I advised them I had a trip to Tasmania in less than 2 months and needed it sorted asap. She did not understand anything about what I was asking but gave answers anyway that proved she had no idea, rather just get me off the phone. Check that the main earth cable from the winch motor going back to the battery negative terminal. 0000002218 00000 n However, some of them left negative feedback because of the poor wireless remote control. Try both the wireless remote and plug in remote. Amond the mixed Runva winch reviews some of them said the winch is not that powerful and not long-lasting. Surprisingly quick delivery time. Further details in the disclaimer. Except for this, they have said this one is a great winch for pulling your smaller vehicle out of danger. has affiliate partnerships. An often forgotten specification that directly leads to winch ability, or lack thereof, is the drum diameter. People who viewed this item also viewed. DSP+Amps+Sub . As an aside, their customer service/relations are not the best. Those may cost you a bit more now but they will serve you better in the long run for years to come. 2011 GU7 DX, Spartan Auto Locker, Toyo MT 33's, UFI tune, 3' Exhaust gauges and NADS plus a constant evolution. 4th week of waiting, and after little to no response from Runva, I contacted the third party and he advise he had connected the control box and could not fault it as it was working. It's a great winch for the entry level off-road enthusiast and occasional explorer who likes going off-road but generally will avoid any track too difficult or perilous. I live in Victoria and regularly go adventuring/4wding to the Victorian high country when time permits. Check that the connections on the battery is clean and tight. no rust or paint issues. Lives Up To It's Name. 31.4kg (winch alone incl rope = Aprox. Absolutely load of bullshit You may have a bad connection between the cables and motor terminals. Use a lead of 12 gauge wire and jump from the battery +12V and contact the green wire on the solenoid. ), Asian; easily 10+ different countries from all over the world(including some less desirable politics-wise) supplying the parts. Winch. Winch was delivered to my home in Brisbane by Tuesday afternoon - pretty impressive in my view. [name removed], the manager, was the most unhelpful and rude person I have ever met (really doubt she was the manager as it is impossible for a business to be alive with someone like her in charge). Check that all the connections are clean and tight on the winch motor. On the other hand, if you're after a high quality 12 volt winch in the unlikely event that you do get bogged, and know that speed won't be an issue, then this is a fantastic model. Fits with plenty of room to spare. The boys on 4WD Action in Oz seem to be running the Runva's now with good results. Ozbar rear bar. The usual terms and conditions apply; it can't have been in an accident, modified, run off smaller batteries than required etc etc. And you will like the addition of the safety latch hook that is made with forged steel. (Do one cable at a time so you know where each one goes). Flex-N-Gate Seeburn, Ontario, Canada: door hinges and arms. I show you how to diagnose and troubleshoot when something is wrong in your winch circuit. No.100 Wancang Road, Jinpan Development Zone, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China. 0000016037 00000 n 25kg), Aprox. Its a great winch, looking forward to hitting the tracks after the wet season. 0000014615 00000 n All rights reserved. AU $549.95. Rule of thumb is to have your winch rated at somewhere between 1.5x and 2x the GVM of your 4X4. 30 Second Awning Replacement PVC Outer Bag | 2.7m Passenger Awning, Runva 13XP Premium 12V/24V Winch with Synthetic Rope | Full IP67 Protection, Runva EWT4500 12V Winch with Dyneema Synthetic Rope, Front Runner Ford Ranger PX1 PX2 Hidden Winch Cradle Plate, Carbon Offroad Winch Rope Thimble and Soft Shackle Bundle. However I always planned for a runva. Quick. Brakes on a winch is a consumable item and therefore not covered under warranty. Hi, I have a Runva 11XP.Went to use it today with the remote. A bad earth could prevent your winch from working and could also cause damage to the winch motor. But that is not the case at all. Re: Runva Winch Wireless Remote Postby sibainmud Sat Mar 31, 2012 9:52 pm Short answer; No unless they happen to have the same frequency, but there is a few. Mostrando 1-1 de 1 artculo(s) Mvil . View the full Runva Warranty here.That about covers the similarities. All the skids and pro. I don't notice any issues now with those Chinese VR series winches. If the Runva is a decent quality winch, it's a smoking deal for Canadian buyers. One of the downsides of this winch is that the recovery hook is rusting very quickly. 0000009074 00000 n You have our word, no spam! Free postage. ARB Deluxe bull bar. As opposed to the 11XP which comes with grey dyneema winch rope and the winch shackle thimble, the 13XP comes with red dyneema rope and the more traditional, VIEW THE RUNVA 13XP PREMIUM 12V WINCH HERE, Automatic ratchet load holding in the gearbox, Aprox. If it needs a strong pulling, youve come to the right place. Works when needed, not the fastest but it gets the job done. The Stallion 25000lb Winch by Sherpa Winches. According to these buyers, dealing with the customer service department can be a frustrating experience. Download Tokopedia App. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Runva 12V Solenoid/ Switch Combo winch controller. Carefully remove the cables off the winch motor and re-attach. You have our word, no spam! The main issue I have is with supporting countries like China, for reasons already noted. . This could be a sign that your brake needs to be adjusted or replaced. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Runva ATV / 4X4 Hydraulic Multivolt Wireless Remote Kit - FULL IP67 . AU $709.95. With it's 12,000lb's (5.36 tons) of line pull it can handle just about any standard off-road vehicle weight and then some. At the same time, it is also equipped with a 3-stage planetary gear system. or 1588 kg. Speaking of line speed, this winch is capable of both pulling or out. However, it also has some drawbacks. (Except Steel Cable and Dyneema Winch Rope) Update: Att: Every 24 months a mechanical and electrical inspection is required, The Winch needs to be removed, otherwise the warranty will be void. Should know more in a year or two. Warn's premium winches, the Zeon Series, is as reliable as a swollen creek is fast, this winch stands as a top performer on the world's toughest trails. + Roma Razorback Off Road Van, I would tell everyone you know that has one, Update, finally got Runva to come around after me being the biggest pest I can be, they sent me a new control box , replaced but the winch isn't working, the motor has burnt out. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR WINCH THE WINCH MOTOR IS MAKING A NOISE BUT THE DRUM IS NOT TURNING 1. It may not be the physically strongest, but it's nevertheless a brilliant piece of equipment. Dec: 2022 They have said if you are pulling the right amount of load, it does the work properly. From More Info. You will like the inclusion of all the installation accessories with this winch from Runva. Build tough, Thimble protects rope from the sun & weather without having to splice the rope, Factor 55 Flatlink Shackle Winch Recovery Thimble, Runva 13XP Premium 12V/24V Winch with Synthetic Rope | Full IP67 Protection, Boab Poly Water Tank Vertical Mount | 42 Litre, Boab Poly Double Jerry Can Water Tank | 40 Litre, Warn VR Evo 12-S 4x4 12V Winch with Synthetic Rope, Safari 4x4 Snorkel to Suit Isuzu MU-X (07/2021 - on), D-MAX (07/2020 - on) | SS177HF, Warn VR Evo 10-S 4x4 12V Winch with Synthetic Rope, Runva EWN17500 12V/24V Winch with Steel Cable, Runva EWN17500 12V or 24V 17500lb Winch with Synthetic Rope, Runva 11XP Premium 12V Winch with Synthetic Rope | Full IP67 protection, EvaKool TravelMate Dual Zone 62 Litre Fridge Freezer | TMDZ-70, The Difference Between Runva's Most Popular Winches, RUNVA'S EWV12000 ULTIMATE VS THE 11XP PREMIUM VS THE 13XP PREMIUM WINCHES, While Runva have a wide range of winches ranging from smaller ATV models up to the big hydraulic truck winches, we're going to focus on three of their most popular, 11mm x 26.5m of Dyneema Synthetic Winch Rope, Runva's new 2-in-1 Standard/Offset Aluminium Hawse Fairlead, If you go with the 11XP or 13XP Premium you'll also receive a free. Switch the yellow and red cables on the winch motor (F1 and F2). Check that the connections on the battery is clean and tight. Our vision is to be a leading solution provider to deliver customer individualized product . Who knows if I am covered by warranty with the spacers I have added?? And while the differences between the three are minimal, they are worth considering.This article assumes you're after a Runva winch specifically and know more or less which size you need. And it also features a forged steel latch hook. In these 2 years I have got seriously stuck 3 times. 0000008448 00000 n Runva is the first electric winch manufacturer in China mainland. Capacity Short Drum 12-Volt Off-Road Electric Winch with 45 ft. Steel Cable. Runva has taught us how much it costs to build a better quality winch, backed by a customer service focus, and a decent warranty. 35kg (winch alone incl rope = Aprox. Arduino Consult / Voltage Modifier / Glow Plug Timer / Performance Chip / Limp Defeater Project. A bad earth could prevent your winch from working and could also cause damage to the winch motor. add to wishlist. This guide has been designed by Runva to help you with basic winch troubleshooting. Cheers, I keep looking for the loose nut behind the wheel, but I can't find it!! #runvawinch #runvareview #ewx9500qMy review on the Runva EWX9500-Q evoSUBSCRIBE to my channel for awesome 4WD content Fieryred 12V 13000LBS/5909KGS Electric Winch Wireless Synthetic Rope 4WD ATV. TJM 12000lbs Winch Review By Shayne 24 Apr 2013 Update: 3 years and 6 months later the motor no longer works. Ferenc Elekes has been a devout Overlanding enthusiast for many years. The net dimension of this winch is 20.8 x 6.3 x 9.2 and it weighs about 90 lbs. This is one of the most frequently asked questions of many customers. The IP rating of a winch (or any item really) is a technical term that indicates how water resistant the winch is. Sherpa & Warn Winch. The twin motors punch out an impressive 13-metre . Runva Winch Review - Read This Before Buying - Aussie 4x4 Pro. For instance, you can get a winch from Superwinch or X-Bull instead. I highly recommend the 11xp and Runva Winches especially if youre just starting to get into 4wding. They've been serving the off-road vehicle market globally for close on 30 years now by providing high quality recovery equipment at fair prices. No it doesn't. On the other hand, if you're after a sleek but serious winch that has stood the test of time and is loved by thousands of off-road enthusiasts, the 11XP is the way to go. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. My buddies had to give me a hand by recovering/winching with snatch blocks to get up a few spots. Included with all of these winch kits you'll get: All three of these 4WD winches include Runva's newly design integrated gearbox and braking system. Unfortunately there are often times no real alternatives, especially with electronics, but when I can, I try not to send my money to China.. I,ve only ever bought Warn winches, but I understand they are made in China now too? Happy customer. At this stage my Hilux was pretty stock, it had some underbody protection, snorkel and a good set of BF Goodrich tyres but lacking bar work and winch. I striped, cleaned and serviced it when i put it in the patrol and found no water ingress of any kind ( i was very surprised) one thing i will say is the grease that they put in them from factory is very poor. Reliable. It comes with a rated line pull of 3500 lbs. We'd be happy to have a chat and help however we can. Since the foundation in 1989, we are dedicated to innovate technology and improve performance continuously.Runva has grown to develop and manufacture a broad range of winches: electric, hydraulic and gasoline winch, from 2000 to 25000lb, which can be found in diverse industries of over 60 countries. Anybody have experience with them? So, go ahead, click away, just don't blame us if you end up with too many Amazon packages on your doorstep. With its powerful 5.5hp motor and heavy-duty gears, the 13XP can pull your rig out of any jam. Excellent to keep items such as shopping from sliding everywhere. I noted that the VR winches appear to be made in China. What CCA is your vehicle battery? With the addition of a wired remote control, Runva has made it easy to operate the winch from a safe distance. Even the snatch block that came with it is awesome. I'm assuming 30 years ago those were all American made winches. A poor power supply could prevent your winch from working and could also cause damage to the winch motor. The scenery was nothing short of spectacular, we saw some snow but luckily not on our tracks. I have never used a runva so can not comment on them but for the money i would go the domin8r every day of the week. It performed well up to the time it didn't turn off when winching the last 2 meters up Palm Creek with trailer. Or reach out with our live chat below. The Runva EWV12000 is a solid choice. Runva 11,000 pound winch, safari snorkel. The first device in the line of our Runva winch review is the powerful 11XP. Beli RUNVA 22NB Electric Winch 12 Volt Kapasitas 10 Ton Heavy Duty di ninanimbloks_. The next Runva winch on our list is perfect for overlanding vehicles. I did buy one as you say a smoking deal for Canadian Buyers. 2023 Pty. See more Runva 12V Premium Electric Winch with Syntheti. Introducing the Runva 11XP Premium Winch. . My Main Reason's For Getting a Runva Winch, Which Runva Winch is Right for Your Vehicle, You're Only XX Away From Unlocking Free Shipping, Spend XX More to Qualify For Free Shipping, Nissan Patrol Crazy Desert Hill Climb! runva winches, winches runva x20000yd hydraulic winch r 44,645. show: anchoring & mooring; boat accessories; boat covers & biminis; car and outdoor; compass & navigation aids; This happened a handful of times and got a little tiring/annoying towards the end of the trip. 11XP Premium Winch 24V with Synthetic Rope. )-electric-winch-with-synthetic-rope.product.100282207.html, WARN INDUSTRIES INC. - American Listing Directory US Made in America Products & Companies, Warn Premium Winches for Trucks and SUVs | WARN Industries. Any questions get in touch with us to find out which one will work best for you. Check that all the connections are clean and tight on the winch motor. Rather, they have their own factory in China for manufacturing winch of premium quality. Build tough, Thimble protects rope from the sun & weather without having to splice the rope, ** total_quantity ** | ** unit_price ** / ** unit_measure **. I got a really cheap 12000 Champion winch for the 80. Warn Industries, Milwaukie, Oregon: axle assemblies. Made my mind up. Add to Cart. I needed a robust solution for a cargo barrier for my new Amarok. It is my opinion (and yours may vary), that this is how they have established their economic dominance, at the expense of their people, which they could care less about, except as bodies for manufacturing, their military and tax base. Had a DTS Turbocharger system installed by berrima diesel, runs 10psi and chugs along. I've had the runva on the front of my patrol for nearly 2 years. Finally all Runva winches include their excellent 5 year electrical warranty (covering all electrical components of the winch), and a lifetime mechanical warranty. CHOOSING A WINCH FOR YOUR VEHICLE IS A COMPLEX TASK. The solenoid, the gearbox, and the motor are weather-sealed and submersible. 1. Carefully remove the cables off the winch motor and re-attach. Check that your battery is larger than 650CCA (this is the minimum size that can be used with any 4X4 Electric Winch). During that time, Ferenc has explored 75 countries on six continents, with overland travel involved in 40 countries on three continents. View On Amazon. Check that your rope is feeding onto the drum in the correct direction. The 11XP Premium is the glory child of the Runva 4x4 winch family and easily the most popular Runva winch on the market. So, in that case, they can be a good value for money choice but not a quality choice. 33kg (winch alone incl rope = 25kg), Winch Dimensions: 553.5mm x 160mm x 200mm, So who's the EWV12000 for? And it comes with a free spooling clutch system. Info. Due to the nature of a winch and the fact that its very purpose is to get dirty and most likely wet, always look for a high IP rating. However, you should know that the price of the Runva winch accessories would be a bit higher. My personal experience with the 13XP Premium: So a couple months out of warranty the TJM on the 105 series crapped out. Use brake-clean to clean the winch motor. Great service and product. Now let's dig into some of their differences and how they might affect your choice in the best Runva winch for you. Runva was the first professional winch manufacturer in China which has earned them a wealth of knowledge and experience. It's compact. Enter your email below to sign up to our newsletter and to download this FREE 22-PAGES long guide on how to choose a winch. 0000007819 00000 n If you are looking for a truck winch or a winch for Jeep, this one can be a great option. Used it in anger a few times. Older Post We cover aim to answer all your questions regarding the Runva Winch brand in an uncensored review. Earth is at Front by Drum. 2" lift. The net dimension of the winch is 12.7 x 4.5 x 4.4. [with ridiculous save], Patrol vs Subaru on Ice - Patrol makes Subaru look STUPID, Boat Engine Used to Push 4WD Through DEEP Water Crossing, 80 Series Tackles 1.7M Deep Water Crossing - Northern Territory. Was looking at runva winches which have beat the big brands in tests done by 4x4 magazines and have come across these sherpas , they are half the price of a warn , have five years warranty , highly rated soliniods (twice the rated amps) actually have been run under water for 1.5 hours before failure and the bit that has my interest is they are 10 0000007914 00000 n Supposed to be built in Australia? Previous buyers reviews reveal that its easy to install and its easy to control. I've considered all other options and essentially ended up with the options of an old Warn XD9000 (or similar), a brand new Carbon 12000 winch or potentially but less like a Road Runner Offroad winch.

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